Let's look around  for that shot that will make a unique photograph. Curiosity is the fuel and my camera the passport taking me places. It is about what you don't see in a photograph but also how to show it to you in a different way. 

My Story


I once realize how beautiful things could be when traveling to the South Pacific. I had of course experienced some beautiful travels prior to that, but, visiting that particular part of the world really had an impact on me. At the time, I had a 35 mm Minolta film camera and was shooting with the hopes of developing great photographs. And eventually, the film was good to me and did allow for some beautiful photographs. Now with the final result in hands, here I'am immersed in this image projected from a 5  by 7 Kodak glossy paper. Almost as if I was contemplating a master piece in a world renowned art museum. It was just captivating to look at a few beautiful photographs of something so intensely captivating over and over again. The light, the way all the photo components came together was just special and stimulating. This is where I realized how fascinating taking and developing photographs was. From that day I decided that I should take a deeper look at my surroundings and always try to capture the beauty around us. And it really isn't all about beauty but most likely about the perceptible and how to render it in a way that it creates an emotion. With New York in mind, something was about to happen. My eyes were all over the place like a laser scanning around.  Like a kid entering a toy store for the first time. New York had revealed it self has a fascinating city with unique features and rarely seen objects, forms, structures, and of course people. A city with a personal identity that most of us were afraid of. A city with such a strong urban culture that everything about it was a source of inspiration with yet a raw feel to it.

What I'm now trying to do, is to capture moments, objects, people, scenes that will later be looked as a part of New York's history. Little things that will be remembered as the not so old New York, or the New York of the millenium. Doesn't matter what it would be called as long as it becomes a point of reference and a perceptible memory.

Luis Da Silva