Get that shot before it is too late.

I once kept passing by this industrial structure when heading to the city on a daily basis. At day, it did not look like much, but at night, it was a all different perspective. Something that made me wonder every single time. A vision to be caught that was so particular that I was telling myself every single time I would pass by "Got to get that shot" 

So for over 2 years I kept driving by looking at it and thinking how so representative of the New York industrial era this structure was. The light and surroundings were just perfect and I knew it would make a superb photograph. Sadly it was taken down to make room to a new highway. I was late.

It's been over 8 years now that this structure was brought down, but can't stop thinking about how great this photograph would've looked framed on a wall in someone's living room.

I once met with a photographer by the name of Tanguy whom told me once to always be ready to shoot. I remember him telling me "you should sleep with your camera" just like a writer keeps their notebook handy, same we should do holding our SLR or whatever gear we have. It becomes a part of you.